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Super optimized ad creative that'll skyrocket sales.

Find what drives your best customers, and generate personalized lifestyle product photos, perfected to affordably acquire more of them.

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Creative Engineered to Boost CTR, AOV, and ROAS.

Generate high-converting creative in seconds.

Treat's AI integrates with your eCommerce stack to analyze your ad creative, customer behavior, and demographic data to generate super-personalized photos that will attract your best customers.


How it Works

Take the expensive guesswork out of creative.

Treat boosts the ROI of your ads with best-in-class machine learning models that generate thousands of creative variants tailored for each customer.

Select Target Audience
Use demographic and behavior data to build your ideal audience to target with creative.
Choose Optimizations
Select which metrics you want to maximize: CLV, CTR, AOV, ROAS, etc.
Analyze + Generate
AI will find high converting design elements that resonate with your audience to generate creative variants.
Approve and Launch
Fine tune generated images with a few clicks and then approve which ones go live.

Get access to affordable and accessible Creative AI.

15 minutes to get started. No engineers required. Limited Availability.

Higher CTRs and lower CPAs

Creative is the new targeting

The game has changed. Now, creative is the best way to reach your ideal audience on Meta and Google ads.

Target high CLV customers
Use hyper focused demographic, behavior, and interest filters to build the perfect audience for your new creative
Discover your secret formula
Treat's AI will analyze your creative library to find the backdrops, objects, colors, models, image sizes and visual styles that resonate with your target audience
Lifestyle photos in seconds
Upload a product photo, select a creative style, and generate lifestyle imagery to target your best customers
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This is a game changer...the friction in the growth/design process is deciphering/agreeing upon creative learnings, then coming up with with new creative concepts based on those learnings.

Chance Riely
Fmr. Director of Growth @ Cuts Clothing

Increase AOV, ROAS, and MER

Supercharge middle and bottom of the funnel performance.

Affordably boost conversions and increase profitability in the most important part of your funnel.

Increase Retargeting Sales
Ditch generic retargeting photos and boost conversions with super-personalized creative
Fuel Your Landing Page Strategy
Target and drive qualified and high intent traffic likely to convert.
Optimized for Advantage+ and PMax
Find winning creative faster and more affordably by feeding hundreds of optimized creative variants to Meta and Google
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Now I can iterate on bottom of funnel... by finding he most profitable creative in the most high leverage part of the funnel. An increase in CTRs at the bottom of the funnel leads to enormous savings.

Gareth Everard
CMO @ Pela

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Launch campaigns faster and more affordably than ever before.

Treat streamlines the creative process for your entire team. Saving you time, money, and energy.

On Avg. cost of creative photo shoots
$5000 Savings
Saved on weekly design meetings
25 hours
Avg. time to launch a campaign
15 Minutes

Trusted and Backed by the Best Names in eCommerce

Treat is proudly backed by the smartest investors and founders in eCommerce.


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Get access to affordable and accessible Creative AI.

15 minutes to get started. No engineers required. Limited Availability.