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AI Generated Creative for CPG Brands

Treat’s AI uncovers design concepts that resonate with your best customers and then effortlessly generates on-brand visuals to help you acquire more of them.

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Rick Cadote
Growth Engineer @ Four Sigmatic

“Since adding Treat images in PMAX we’ve seen a boost in CTR within that campaign while CPC’s have gone down - we’re ready for more!”

Take the expensive guesswork out of creative.

Treat analyzes your existing creative to find high converting design elements and combines them with customer behavior, preferences, and demographic data to give you the intelligence you need to power your ad creative strategy.

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Select Target Audience
Use demographic and behavior data to build your ideal audience to target with creative.
Choose Optimizations
Select which metrics you want to maximize: CLV, CTR, AOV, ROAS, etc.
Analyze + Generate
AI will find high converting design elements that resonate with your audience to generate creative variants.
Approve and Launch
Fine tune generated images with a few clicks and then approve which ones go live.

Data Driven Creative That Converts

Use Treat’s creative insights to turn your data into high quality product photos and test new creative concepts and variants faster.

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Audit: Kate Farms

  • Studio Lighting

  • Ingredients

  • Dramatic Mood


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“Now I can iterate on bottom of funnel... by finding the most profitable creative in the most high leverage part of the funnel. An increase in CTRs at the bottom of the funnel leads to enormous savings.”

Gareth Everard
CMO @ Pela

“When you see what Treat can do, the creative roadblocks start to fade. The AI finds concepts that hit the mark, helping us spend more focus on growth and scaling.”

Alex Becker
CMO @ Amuse

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